exceed ® Filters

After ten years of research and manufacturing work, eSpin has successfully launched its spin-off exceed ®' in 2008. exceed ® markets a line of air filters which comprise of high efficiency, low pressure-drop HVAC air filters with specially-designed nanofiber based media. Highest quality of indoor air for the consumers is the goal of exceed ® team. It has been documented that exceed ® uses much lower energy compared to other commercially available filters thereby resulting in Environment-friendly Green technology.

Available in pleated and roll good form, exceed ® filters are tested and calibrated by third party test laboratories for their filtration efficiency. exceed ® filters have a range of applications including residences, apartment complexes, offices, physicians’ clinics, malls, pharmacies, airports, hospitals, commercial spaces, cleanrooms, pharmaceutical industries and manufacturing facilities among other. Available in an efficiency range from MERV 11-15, these filters are available in a range of sizes. Use of exceed ® filters earns your building additional points towards LEED certification. Visit the exceed ® filters website.


  • Nanofiber surface traps 9 times more fine particles compared to conventional air filters
  • MERV 13 as per ASHRAE 52.2 test
  • Frame made from strong virgin beverage board


  • Best air quality
  • Promotes health
  • Saves energy
  • Earns 2 points towards LEED certification